Space-based wetland hydrology



The principal data used in this project are SAR imagery provided by the various space agencies. Some of these data are openly available, whereas other data are restricted and cannot be shared. The openly avaialble data are available by the European Space Agency (ESA) at:

C-band ERS-1/2 and Envisat data are provided through the ESA Online Dissemination site.

C-band Sentinel-1 data are provided through the ESA Sentinel Data Accesse website.

Data for the Sentinel-1 study presented by Liao et al. (2020) are listed in the Supplementary Materials of the study, in Table S1.

Data products

Some examples pf InSAR detected water level changes in the Everglades are presented below. In this project we used InSAR and stage data to produce high spatial resolution maps of water level changes in the Everglades. For each of the selected SAR acquisition pairs, marked by their acquisition dates, we calculated the followings:

1) Interferogram – files ending with .unw.byt.jpg

2) Stage data – Stage (water level) values measured by the various stage stations during the two acquisitions dates are plotted in the WLC_map files (PDFs).

3) Stage-based water level changes – water level change between the two acquisition dates, by subtracting stage data from one acquisition date from the other. The data file is also labeled WLC_map.

4) Calibration – Systematic comparison between stage- and InSAR-measured water level changes according to the Water Conservation Areas (WCA). The comparison was used for calibrating the InSAR observations.

5) Water level change map – This is the final product showing calibrated water level changes throughout the Everglades. These files are labeled as .wlc.jpg.

Data Products #1
Data Products #2
Data Products #3
Data Products #4
Data Products #5